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Don’t Book Your Wedding Photographer Until You READ THIS!

Yes that’s right, don’t rush this! Your wedding photographer is one of the most important suppliers for your wedding day. After actually getting married, a gorgeous new dress/ suit to store away, your wedding photographs are really all you have left from your incredible wedding day. Let’s not ruin that and make sure you book your perfect wedding photographer for YOU!

Same End Result BUT…

Yes technically your end result will be to have a gallery of photos from your wedding day, BUT there are so many factors to take into an account.

Typically this will be your first time booking a wedding photographer. Where do you start? Let me share a few bits of insider knowledge to help you make the best decision for you and your wedding day experience.

“You were a great support and help on the day! Don’t change and keep up your amazing work.”

“We are so so pleased we picked you!!”

Chloe + Mark, Beech Hill Country House / October 2022.


We all have different styles. We are creative humans and all have a different eye to how we see the world and your wedding day.

Editing styles can be bright and airy, dark and moody and for myself, my style is true to life. I edit as close to real as possible. If your wedding day is super bright and sunny, you’ll get bright photos and likewise a dark rainy day, you’ll get moody photos to match exactly how your wedding day actually was like. I’m all about keeping everything as real as possible.

We Are Human!

Just like other humans, your wedding photographer may totally piss you off and you can’t stand to be in their company any longer. Now, that’s not what you want to happen on your wedding day! Really is it? This is why it’s so important to have a zoom/ phone call with your wedding photographer BEFORE booking. Get to know them. What do they value in life? I always say to my couples, if you’d like to have a coffee or pint together then your totally on to an amazing thing and book them straight away!

Yes you are booking your wedding photographer for their final product, your photos BUT you are booking a human who you MUST gel with and actually enjoy being around.

My Approach!

My approach on your wedding day is very much a documentary style, I capture your day as it happens. I don’t create FAKE moments. If it doesn’t happen on your wedding day, then you’ll not a get a photo of it, simple. I love my couples to spend as much time celebrating with their guests instead of being dragged around for photos. That’s not my style at all. Ideally all I need from you guys is 20-30 minutes and most of that time is walking around, you guys having a breather and chat together while I’m capturing this moment for you.

I am a mum, I totally understand how important those photos are with your mini humans, be it your own children, nieces, nephews etc. I capture moments which I know would mean the world to me. That’s all about family, friends and all those gorgeous details you spent days making or deciding over. They never go un-missed!

I love capturing you guys and your guests having the best day while I go as unnoticed as possible. When the dancing starts I love nothing better than getting in on the action capturing those epic dance floor moves!

Price and Budget!

You have enquired with your favourite photographers and the prices are all over the place. How come? We all have different business modules. We all have different costs to run our business. I am always learning, going on workshops and I am a member of the PPANI (Professional Photographer Association Northern Ireland). I want to make sure I am always the best I can be for my couples.

Some photographers take on a crazy amount of weddings each year and others like myself I take on limited amount.

Why I take On Limited Weddings?

I am a mum, wife, I love my family. I also want to give my couples the BEST experience I can along with quick turn around times on galleries. This is super important to me!

This is my family! Photographer – Dear Mona Photography.

“Go for it. Do it. Don’t think twice. If she’s free on your date you will NOT regret a single moment of time out into making her your photographer. She has been perfect and we would both highly recommend!!”

Jasmine + Bailie, La Mon Hotel / July 2022.

Am I YOUR Perfect Wedding Photographer?

Are you after a real/ no fuss approach on your wedding day? Do you want all those details captured? Real moments with you, your family and friends not go unnoticed? I tailor your wedding day exactly for you guys. I want to know who is super important to you both. Every family is different and I never assume anything. Plus, apparently I’m really good craic, super helpful with insane photos! My couples really are the best!



Are you loving what you’re seeing so far and wanna have a chat?

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Are you loving what you’re seeing so far and wanna have a chat?

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