The day has finally arrived and you’ve got a sparkler on your finger! WooooWho!!!

Congratulations!!! You’re getting married! OMG how blooming exciting! You’ve shared your awesome news with friends and family, a few sore heads later and now the daunting task is to actually plan your perfect wedding day with so many questions going through your head.

I want to share with you my top 7 awesome tips to help give you a stress free wedding. These worked for me when I planned my perfect day in 2014!

Tip 1- It’s YOUR Wedding!

Yes, that’s right its YOUR wedding day! Do it exactly how you both want to. NEVER feel any pressure from family to do something or add something to your day which you would never do or want. Of course everyone can offer their advice to you both but it doesn’t mean you have to take it.

Tip 2- Budget!

Yes the dreaded “B” word. Be realistic on this. Do your research and add 10% for anything that pops up along the way, because it will. Once you both have agreed on your wedding budget, stick to it! No one wants to have money worries from the first day of married life. If family are helping with cash, firstly that’s blooming amazing and secondly please go back to Tip 1! Make sure and tell family you will do what you both want for your day.

Tip 3 – No Wedding Talk Date Night!

It is very important to remember why you are getting married. You want to spend the rest of your life with your awesome human. I highly recommend planning a date night at least once a month or week where you do something just the pair of you and DO NOT TALK WEDDING. A time to enjoy together and relax.

Tip 4 – Guest List!

Go back to Tip 1 and repeat over and over, ‘It’s YOUR Wedding!’. Write a list of the people you could not get married without. The people in your life who you have spent time with as a couple and want to say you’re vows in their presence.  Don’t feel pressured into inviting the lady down the road because she’s a friend of the family. Is she YOUR friend? Then yes invite her but if she isn’t then no. Guest list fills up fast and if you’re working on numbers you really have to be strong. Never-mind the price per head.

Tip 5 – Delegate!

You will have so many friends and family who want to help out anyway they can so make use of that. You know your friends and family inside and out so you know who will excel in certain areas. Delegate! Delegate! Delegate!

Tip 6 – Timeline & Be Flexible!

This kind of contradicts each other but keep reading, it’ll all become clear. Draw up your wedding day timeline with all your suppliers. The only time to work everything to is your ceremony time, EVERYTHING works around this. Once you have your timeline, this is your guidance to follow but NOT to stress over. Being flexible on your wedding day and going with the flow really stops something from being a small blip to a complete disaster. Just remember the most important part of your day is your ceremony. Getting to say your ‘I do’s” and become married is EVERYTHING!

Tip 7 – Enjoy It!

Yes that’s right! You may be counting down the days till your big day but try and enjoy the whole experience of planning. After my wedding and a year of planning, all of a sudden it’s done and dusted and found myself wishing I had enjoyed the complete build up more. So take it all in and enjoy the process from engagement to being married.

BOOM! Happy STRESS FREE Wedding planning!